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Designed with large images and distraction-free layouts to increase the impact of Hubble’s imagery, this book gives the reader a guided tour of the cosmos through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope. Before Hubble was launched in 1990, no exoplanet had ever been observed, dark energy was unknown, the age of the universe was a mystery, and the most distant objects observed were just halfway back in time to the Big Bang. Hubble has been the centerpiece in a revolution in astronomy, as well as giving the public a visceral connection to the Universe through its stunning images.


I hope your family likes me a bit better than your husband does.

Michael likes anyone Clint dislikes on principle of them hating each other guts.  Gabriel will judge you based on how you deal with pranks and what you think of his cooking.  The rest will do as they do for no real rhyme or reason.

. “


"That must have been a strange experience. My mother almost never practiced magic in the house, we always had muggle guests. But my father really liked when she did do magic, and he understood everything about the magic world but he wanted us to have a foot in both worlds.." She commented. "Yeah, that’s not allowed. My brother and I played in teams, but we never understood why we couldn’t play together." 

"It was.  We went from Hogwarts to a normal muggle middle school and having pretty much all witch and wizard friends to muggle friends.  Some of us adjusted better then others."  That was a lie, they mostly hated how stifled they suddenly were from something totally natural to them. "I had enough siblings that we could make our own small team, but most of them preferred Quidditch and would sneak out to play it while mom was distracted."




:: 〖 ❣ 〗――— ::

              “LADY! Heel!”

          { she listens but the
            damage is done. }

                     ”I'm so awfully sorry,
                       are you  h  u  r  t ?”

"No, I’m fine."

[On the ground and a bit dazed, but at least he had managed to stop his instinct to defend himself from an ‘attack’.  Really, it was Lucas’s fault for not paying attention while gathering herbs in the forest, he should be glad it was just a pet.]

"Though I don’t imagine I’ll try standing for a little bit.  Your familiar has quite a lot of power in her paws."

[He assumes it is a her from the name ‘Lady’ and knows it is not an ordinary dog or wolf, but feels it not his place to ask.]



"They make it sound like my door can talk.  Which, if it was the standard portrait door that would perhaps be true, but it’s just a solid oak door with a piece of paper taped on it.  And I just call people as I see them."

"That wouldn’t be the strangest thing to happen in this castle, after all." 

"Certainly not.  It would probably actually make my room much more ordinary then unusual.  I think it confuses people when there’s no potrait for personal rooms."


"Now I know someone was in my personal supply. Speak now and you may be spared.”

 l i e


"House elves, the answer is house elves.  They can get anywhere, even through powerful wards and Fidelius charmed areas.  Usually politely asking them to stop works better then threats."

                         тrauma can be repressed

                                                                        it cannot be



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Emily was torn between laughter and grimacing at the memory of that incident. The first years in question had been so nervous that several had screamed when she had found them, and she’d actually had to chase some of the first years down in order to get them back to Gryffindor Tower. “We definitely should. Perhaps someone should speak to Professor Winchester about that as well, if his students are harassing the first years,” she commented, beginning to walk down the corridor.


"If I ever see him, I’ll be sure to mention it.  Unfortunately we sit at opposites ends of the table whenever I do manage to show up for meals."  He had gotten better at attending meals actually, usually only skipping lunch to catch up on his sleep, but that was only a recently developed habit.  "And, if I can help it, I’m never stepping foot in a Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom again."  Which greatly limited any chance he might have of running into Dean.