” ————————- holy shit!


                      how the fuck had lucifer found him?!
                      he’d been insanely careful,
                      watched his back, covered his tracks,
                      even dropped some fake star charts
                      with an aedian chick he had relations with
                      on xandar — all of the boring, overly cautious
                      b.s. that slows him down, which he hates.
                      and now —— well, now he’s just as screwed
                      as he would have been if he hadn’t taken
                      those precautions at all.

                                          he spins on his heel,
                                          every muscle in his body tensed in preparation
                                          to sprint away from his brother as fast as physically possible,
                                          only to swear loudly as he sees the guys posted
                                          at every escape route. lucifer came prepared,
                                          that much is obvious, and he is woefully disadvantaged
                                          in this fight. his treasure is jammed into his back pocket
                                          ( concealed beneath the ravager coat he’d stolen
                                          from one of yondu’s folks ) and he whirls back around
                                          to face lucifer, jaw clenched, eyes flashing a flaming gold,
                                          fists at his sides.

                “me? avoiding you? nah, who would want to avoid you?
                  i mean, you’ve got such a  s p a r k l i n g  personality.”

        When Gabriel actually responds
     to his inane comment,
        Lucifer laughs.  Because of all
     the witty barbs and batter he has
        ever heard the other use, this is
     by far the worst.  Lucifer is the
        bad cop to Michael’s good cop
     and people know this.  That is
        what makes them so effective.

"No party tricks or cute little toys to try and escape?
 My, my, you really have been slipping, Gabriel.
 But I guess that’s what you get for slumming around.”

      Every word was matched to
         a steady step forward.  In
         close combat, Lucifer has
      the upper hand and Gabriel
                      should know that. 

                    From his own coat,
a black monstrosity that any planet in the galaxy can recognize,
                    he pulls a small needle
                   filled with a potent narcotic
                   that will knock Gabriel out
                   and give him some little
                   nightmares.  It is a favorite
             of Lucifer for that reason alone.

                “We can do this the easy way or the hard way,
                                      your choice.”

Not really, but Lucifer likes it when they fight.

starofthemorning asked: "Can I keep you?"



”..I’m getting a freaky vibe from you, so……no.” he said, narrowing his eyes.

"You just raised like, a dozen questions." he said, staring at him. "Listen buddy, you better identify yourself, and fast."

"They called me Lucifer and then the Collector called me his Angel, so take what you will from that."  Well, it is certainly a nice little story, is it not?  "When you shattered the cases withing the Collector’s vault, you freed a great multitude of things including me."



{ ❦ }———-;;

               ”Let me get that.”

     And she reaches forward and scoops
     the little creature into her palm before
     offering it to him.

                                      “You want it?” 

"No, you can have it."

He had nothing against chocolate frogs,
but he doesn’t find their taste all that appealing. 

"I’m not really a big chocolate fan."



{ ❦ }———-;;

               ”Oh shi—sorry. I didn’t mean to bother
                 you I’m just going to————

                                                              I’m just going to go.”

     Of course she would stumble
     across a professor. Of-fucking
     -course she would. 

"Right, I just wouldn’t go further
down the hall, I haven’t had time
to clean all these rooms out and
I have no idea what you’d be running into.”

Probably nothing dangerous,
possibly just some rooms that
had not been completely
restored after the Battle of
Hogwarts and the like.  But it
was a general formality that a
professor would take care of it,
rather then sending a student in.



I love the father-son dynamic between the muses of thegreatestmarksman and deaf-in-a-loud-world. The two of them are adorable!

((oh my goshhhhhhhhh
Someone loves our dynamic as much as I do XD))



I love the father-son dynamic between the muses of thegreatestmarksman and deaf-in-a-loud-world. The two of them are adorable!

((oh my goshhhhhhhhh

Someone loves our dynamic as much as I do XD))

starofthemorning asked: "☁"


send me a “☁” and i will put my itunes on shuffle, pick my favorite line from the first song that comes up and use it for a starter.

Song - Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran


"I’m thinking about how people fall in love in mysterious ways… maybe just the touch of a hand." Chuck wasn’t really talking to anyone in particular. He wasn’t even aware that he’d said the words out loud. 

"Please, love is a chemical mixture designed to confuse and befuddle the brain, right?"  There was no practical use for love besides nefarious deeds.  The things people did in the name of love were despicable, so the root of love could not be good.

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Misha put the files on the pile before plopping himself in a seat across from Lucas. “Have you eaten recently?” he asked. “Because I’m about to make dinner and if you’ve skipped meals again I’m gonna drag you down to eat with us.”

Now that Misha mentions it, Lucas cannot remember the last time he ate. “I don’t remember.”  It was probably today, right?  “What are you making for dinner and who’ll be joining us?”  To many people and he might want to see if someone could bring him dinner up here.

            he’s got his prize in hand,
            weaving through the familiar streets of Knowhere
            towards the cargo ship that houses his buyer —
            among other crazy things.

            shit yes.

                                   if the collector pays up in full,
                                   this is bound to be one of his biggest
                                   grabs yet. sure, maybe he isn’t a centaurian,
                                   but he’s a ravager in all but name.
                                   and bound to collect a helluva lot ———-

                  —————————- if this moron will just get the hell
                                                                            outta his way.


                     he needs to get off-planet befor
                     the  d e v i l  catches up with him ;
                     luce has got a temper, and a  l o n g
                     memory to boot, and he needs to nail
                     this grab, get a few credits in the pocket,
                     and get back to his ship before his
                     maniac brother tracks him down.
                                    he doesn’t have time for this shit.

                     ” —- you wanna move? “

           It has been a long and harrowing
           search for the Trickster
           (his brother, the traitor, idiot)
           Nothing Lucifer has not done before,
           but still distasteful.  Today though,
           today he can taste the victory as
           his mark demands he move.

So he drops his hood,
revealing his face for
the first time as he
faces his query. 
"Not really…”
He lets the last syllable
linger for a bit and then
his face sharpens into a smirk.

                     He takes a step closer and discretely
            signals his men to block the escapes
     as he finally uses the traitor’s name.

                                            “G a b r i e l.”

He doesn’t know what name his
     brother uses now, but that’s the one
         Lucifer will always use. 

"Long time, no see, little brother.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were avoiding me.

                  He is being avoided, he knows that.
            He knows Gabriel knows that he knows.
                                  It’s just something to say,
                                  words that are worthless. 



"All you have to do is sign off on it, Boss. It’s all logged into the computer and everything. And it might help with caring for these species."

"I suppose I can sign it.  Bring it here, leave it on the third pile to the left.  That’s all the stuff I just have to sign.  Your left, not my left.  Anything else?"